Hello World!

Hello World!

That might be the most generic greeting in the world. Every computer scientist, web specialist, database administrator and, lately, every kid that is remotely tech savvy programmed it in multiple computer languages as its first tutorial. Yet I chose it to be the greeting in my first blog post ever. I consider it to be one of the most empowering greeting ever and one that evokes most beautiful memories one person can have. For most of you, simple “Hello World!” evokes the memory of when you programmed your first program, your first masterpiece, one of the first thing that made you feel powerful and proud, and it was probably one of those aha-moments and wow-moments in your life. So I cannot think of the more appropriate greeting for this occasion.

Yes, I decided to write a blog despite swearing that I never will write one. It was in a time when blogs filled the role of todays Facebook or Twitter, when blogs were mostly hurt teenagers diary and litanies of doomed loves or other world shattering problems of 12-year olds. Meanwhile, blogs matured and we had matured with it. Heartbreaking drama of 13-year old girls has moved to Facebook, Twitter and other services I have already lost track of, while blogs became special, very personal form of education, communication and news-sharing place. In the world where we’re flooded with bits of informations, but the picture as a whole is blurred more often than not, in the world where communication was never easier, people have lost the ability to properly communicate. What is even more frightening, people have lost the will to communicate. To really communicate, to exchange ones views, opinions and/or facts, to appreciate different viewpoint. We as a society have became a mass of entrenched, bickering people with depth and knowledge about our world that can fit as a logo on a T-shirt. In such a world, blogs became lighthouses of knowledge, a place where enthusiast and people of good will invest their time (a lot of their time, I might add) to be a positive change and to influence small part of their, and our, world for the better. One of the best examples might be WaitButWhy blog. There is no better place to spend your extra time on. Honestly.

I can thank Vedran Miletic for talking me into writing this blog. I will be writing about the things I consider I’m well versed in and the goal of this blog will be to bring scientific topics (mostly pharmaceutical science) closer to you. I might wander off into some general topics over time, but I will tend to write about the things that are my profession and bring them closer to all of you.

My first story will be about all the hustle and bustle with Daraprim and Turing Pharmaceuticals. I believe that this event should be given a proper context and thorough background check. More on that in the following week.

‘Till then,